Writing an English essay

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Come up with a good topic

Choosing the topic for your essay will determine how good your paper will be. Choosing a weak topic will make your research process challenging. Especially when your topic is too wide and ambiguous, you may find yourself losing focus. When the reader glances at your topic, they need to understand what your paper entails. Therefore, your topic cannot be too wordy. If your topic is a whole paragraph, it will definitely need a lot of rephrasing to make it as precise as possible.

Have a well defined thesis statement

A thesis statement is the compass for your essay. A thesis statement is a premise that you intent to prove in your essay. All the research and discussions within your paper will be determined by the thesis statement. After presenting all your findings and arguments, you will conclude by stating whether your thesis statement still stands.

A good outline

Your essay needs to have a good flow. Your ideas have to flow coherently to make your discussion comprehensible. Having a good outline helps you to write a good essay. When you lose the reader in your discussions chances are they will not read to the end. If it is your instructor, they will not be able to understand the points you are trying to highlight.